History of Shure

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A brief history of the Shure V15 :

V15 1964-1966 
V15 Type II 1966-1970 
V15 Type II Improved 1970-1973 
V15 Type III 1973-1978 
V15 Type IV 1978-1982 
V15 Type V 1982-1983 
V15 Type V-MR 1983-1993 
V15 Type VxMR 1996-2005 

One distinctive difference between each generation of the Shure V15 is the shape and dimensions of the Pole Pieces and Stylus Brass Housing. This means that the styli are not interchangeable from one generation to the next. They do not provide a proper fit, or alignment, between the Magnet and Pole Pieces. 

In 1983, Shure introduced the Micro-Ridge (MR) diamond for the Shure V15 Type V. Shure also offered the Micro-Ridge diamond on replacement styli for V15 Type III and Type IV. Again, long term quantities were estimated and produced. Circumstantially, the tooling for the V15 Type V allowed for additional production of Type III replacement styli. This accounts for the larger availability of Type III and Type V replacement styli. 

Shure’s inventory of VN45E, VN45HE, and VN45MR styli completely expired in the late 1990’s. 

The Shure V15 VxMR, was discontinued in 2005.

Today’s replacement stylus options

As these cartridges remain popular and in use around the world Jico of Japan manufacture replacement styli for most of the Shure catalog. These can be purchased from this website. If you cannot see the stylus you need please contact us.

For the Shure V15 range Jico make 3 versions, the standard elliptical stylus wich replaces the Shure VN35, a hyper elliptical design to replace the VN35HE and the ultimate SAS stylus wich replaces the VN35MR