History of Shure

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A brief history of the Shure V15 : V15 1964-1966  V15 Type II 1966-1970  V15 Type II Improved 1970-1973  V15 Type III 1973-1978  V15 Type IV 1978-1982  V15 Type V 1982-1983  V15 Type V-MR 1983-1993  V15 Type VxMR 1996-2005  One distinctive difference between each generation of the Shure V15 is the shape and dimensions of  … Read more

Shure Manuals

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Instruction Manuals Download V-15 Type III and V-15 III-G Manual Download SuperTrack IV Manual Download Model M75ED Manual Owner’s Manual Download V15 Type 15 Owner’s Manual