Throughout the company’s history, Thorens has developed a number of devices that have become milestones in the history of consumer electronics. The most important are listed in this list. In maintained condition, even the oldest devices on this list still offer high to highest playback quality.

THORENS TD 124 / TD 124 MK II (1956 – 1968)

The Thorens TD 124 set standards in quality and reliability in record reproduction when it appeared on the market. Its elaborately designed drive was based on an idler wheel, which was driven to reduce engine influences by a short belt. The two-piece platter was designed so that a record change without stopping the engine was possible. Initially equipped with the tone arm Thorens TP 14, later came versions with different arm bases and matching plinths. Legendary here was the equipment with long SME 3012 arms. According to the time records could be played at all four speeds (16 / 33.3 / 45/78 rpm). Even today, the Thorens TD 124 is in great demand and prices for maintained devices regularly exceed the then new price many times over.

The Thorens TD 150, an inconspicuous small turntable that was manufactured for the first time in Germany and was offered much cheaper than the TD 124, was the origin of a technical revolution in turntable construction. For the first time, a suspended subchassis using cone springs with an inner platter driven by a flat belt was used in a high-volume machine. The principle has proven to be very successful and has found many imitators in the years since. The TD 150 came as standard with the tonearm TP 13, from 1969 the TD 150 Mk II with the TP 13a, also known as “ball arm”. Countless variants with other tonearms were added and still exist in large numbers. All subsequent models until the mid-1980s kept the principle of the suspended subchassis with conical springs, which was used here for the first time.