RTL75 Tonearm for Goldring Lenco turntables GL75 & GL78


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RTL75 Tonearm for Goldring Lenco turntables GL75 & GL78

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At last a tonearm designed as a drop in replacement for the Lenco L75 ! The RTL75 by Retrotone has been designed specifically for the popular classic idler drive turntables from Goldring Lenco and their derivatives. Fitting this arm to say a Goldring Lenco GL75 could not be easier. The arm fits straight into the existing L75 collar and continues to use the original turntable lift lower and arm rest location, no need to modify your classic turntable in any way.

The arm uses a carbon arm tube in a unique captive unipivot design. To the base is a standard 5 pin arm cable connector so you can easily experiment with different arm cables. Note arm lead not included.


Effective length: 217mm

Arm to Pivot distance: 210mm

Effective Mass: 10g

Bearing Design: Captive Uni-Pivot

Arm Tube: Carbon fibre