Rogers LS3/5a dedicated speaker stands


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Rogers LS3/5a dedicated speaker stands


Following on from the recent rebirth of the Rogers LS3/5a Classic 15 Ohm we are pleased to announce the release of the new Rogers LS3/5a Reference stand.

Historically loudspeaker stands fell into two opposite camps, heavy rigid metal stands or open frame metal type stands with minimal mass. During a visit to the TOKYO tube show in 2018 the Rogers distributor presented the new Classic 15 Ohm LS3/5a on wooden stands. Interestingly the sound presentation was more natural, organic with less apparent “noise”. The usual audiophile adjectives of space, depth sprang to mind…

Back in the UK research started into different types of stand materials. Initial research confirmed that a wooden stand resulted in a more even tonal balance and an enhanced sense of musical ease. Further research into different densities and types of wood suggested that impregnated ply wood ( under the trade name Panzerholz ) offered the ideal combination mass, rigidity and vibrational damping. An extremely hard multi-laminated material in sheet form. It is manufactured from beech veneers and synthetic resins under high pressure and heat. The resulting panel has metal like hardness and stiffness.

Sitting mid-way between the high mass stands and the open frame type stands the Panzerholz stand has the optimum ratio of mass to damping. So unlike a metal stand vibrations are dispersed without any additional sonic ringing…

Construction of the stand is based on a single upright for maximum front to back rigidity. Due to the strength of the material the top plate and base plates are bolted directly into the tapped upright. An elegant solution with minimum visual impact the Reference LS3/5a stand extracts the maximum possible sonic performance possible from the LS3/5a speaker system. Stainless steel M8 spikes provide substantial coupling to the floor whilst the top plate fixing is via cork discs.

So how do they sound? In a word “Holographic” draining the vibration from the speaker cabinet whilst providing a rigid platform enables the LS3/5a to reach new hights in tonality, texture and spectral decay. Revealing a wealth of inner detail free from false emphisis….



Base plate: 210 wide x 290 deep

Top plate: 190 wide x 160 deep

Height: including base and top plate 610 mm excluding spikes

Weight: 4.3 Kg each ex spikes