Thorens TD124 Top Platter upgrade Kit


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Thorens TD124 Top Platter upgrade Kit by Retrotone


This kit contains the following:-

  • Retrotone TD124 upgrade top platter
  • Retrotone centre adaptor (allows the use of standard turntable mats with your TD124)
  • Retrotone inter-mat for use between the main platter and top platter


Thorens TD124 Top Platter

New Billet top platter for the Thorens TD124. CNC machined from solid billet to replace the original pressed platter which is often found to be warped or damaged.

Manufactured from 6082T651 aluminium this new platter will provide a stable platform for your records and less run out than the original item.


  • Precision machined from solid for flatness, concentricity and balance
  • Larger diameter and thicker sections for 975g mass
  • Marginally taller overall, this may benefit your arm/cartridge combination
  • Accepts standard 45rpm adaptor without the need for bottom threaded plate
  • Clutch operation unaffected
  • Can be used with the original Thorens rubber mat
The original Thorens top platter was a 325gm pressing. Our platter is machined from solid billet for a more precision item and has a mass of 975g. The extra mass is ideal especially when used with the majority of TD124 that use the aluminium alloy sub platter designed to allow the use of MC cartridges. Early 124 had a sub-platter made of cast iron. Using our platter with the alloy sub-platter puts back most of the mass lost the alloy main platter.

We recommend it’s use with our inter-mat and cork mat for optimum results.


Thorens TD124 top platter centre bearing only no 45 RPM adaptor by Retrotone

Designed to replace the Thorens original part to allow the use of a standard turntable. Also very useful if the original part has been lost or damaged. Precision CNC part made from a nylon bearing material to allow smooth low wear operation of the top platter clutch. This part fits flush with the top platter surface and so allows the use of your choice of turntable mat.


Thorens TD124 InterMat Damps Main Platter

The Thorens TD124 InterMat is designed to sit on the main platter of the Thorens TD124 series turntables to provide a well damped platter assembly when the top platter is in place. If also used with our Thorens TD 124 turntable mat the resulting aluminium cork sandwich is very inert resulting in superb sonic performance from your Thorens TD 124.

The InterMat is supplied with a centering guide to accurately center the mat before fixing in place. Holes are also provided in the InterMat to allow use without removing the original rubber pads.