Jico SAS/R Stylus for Shure V-15 V (V-MR, VN-5 MR)


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Jico SAS/R Stylus for Shure V-15 V (V-MR, VN-5 MR)

Super Analog Stylus (SAS) Profile Tip

The tip of the Super Analog Stylus is carefully chosen from single-crystal natural diamonds. The laser-cut diamond closely resembles that of the cutting stylus used on a cutting lathe to produce the acetate master disks used in vinyl production. This allows the SAS tip to reach into the deepest recesses of the record groove in order to retrieve details which were previously inaccessible to other stylus profiles. Due to its wide contact area with the groove wall, the SAS can reproduce a more expansive bandwidth of information with higher fidelity.

Ruby Cantilever

The four facets of SAS/R’s crystalline ruby cantilever taper toward the diamond tip. This tapered ruby cantilever design allows for lower moving mass, giving the SAS/R even greater ability reproduce vibrations in the record groove with precision, accuracy, speed, and fidelity.
There is NO interchangeability between VN5MR and VN5xMR. Please confirm your cartridge / stylus number and select suitable stylus.
*The photos are boron cantilever product.

Tracking Force: 1.0 – 1.5 g

Tip: Super Analog Stylus

Cantilever: Ruby

Cartridge number: V15V, V15V-B, V15V-G, V15V-P, V15V-MR, ULTRA500, VST-V